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We have a heritage of excellence in financial planning.

How do you make the best choices of how to fund your annual retirement cash flow requirements? By working with one of our Retirement Income Specialists. We'll help you make better choices so you can reap the dividends and gain the clarity and certainty you deserve.

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The CEO and founder of Retirement Navigator is Doug Dahmer (MBA, CFP, TEP), a Retirement Income Specialist and Certified Financial Planner who has been passionately committed to solving the unique challenges and issues facing Baby Boomers preparing for retirement.

Through extensive research and consultation with well-respected thought leaders in this field over the past 30+ years, Doug has become a recognized leader in both the financial and non-financial aspects of how to successfully plan for the second half of life.

During the early years of his career in financial services, Doug quickly observed two very significant – and potentially very costly – shortfalls in the planning process:

  1. The general lack of understanding of tax planning amongst his peers.
  2. The industry’s overall fixation on developing planning strategies that only served people who were adding to their portfolios (saving), and the general disregard the industry held for those who were repatriating their accumulated savings during their spending years (retirement).

Recognizing that many retirees were needlessly handing over much more in taxes than they need to during retirement, Doug left his traditional financial planning practice in 2009 and started a fee-for-service practice that provides strategic Retirement Income Planning. He also began to develop proprietary systems, processes and tools to raise awareness of the cause of these retirement tax traps and provide guidance on how to avoid them.

The strategic exploration and discovery processes that lay at the core of Retirement Navigator™ allow both pre- and post-retirees to quickly and easily make better, wiser choices about how to fund their annual cash flow needs to support the retirement lifestyle they have consciously designed for themselves.

By employing smart tax and cash flow planning that outlines specifically where required cash flow should be sourced, over the balance of your life, you ultimately minimize your lifetime tax obligations, giving you more money – often many hundreds of thousands of dollars – to do more of the things that matter most to you during retirement.

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We can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your lifetime net worth.

Having forward knowledge of how much money you need and when you need it empowers you to make better choices. Choices that can significantly increase your cash flow and net worth during retirement.

Our team

Michael Deen

Co-Founder & Retirement Income Specialist

An innovator and true problem solver when not managing technical operations for Retirement Navigator™ and Better Money Choices™, Michael works with clients whose planning needs require non-conventional solutions due to their complexity.

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Gregory Dobson

Retirement Income Specialist

Greg is a Chartered Professional Accountant and lives by the motto “In Your Best Interest”. As an experienced tax expert, Greg is motivated by the desire to improve clients’ retirement incomes.

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Jim Lyons

Retirement Income Specialist

Jim’s passion for helping retirees is equalled only by his passion for family and sailing. Working with Jim in designing your retirement will decrease anxiety and produce retirement fulfillment for life.

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What our clients say:

Our retirement plans are always being revised. It’s why we meet regularly with our Retirement Income Specialist to provide updates to the timing and costs of our upcoming activities. With their guidance, we make informed decisions to determine where we will choose to source the cash flow to cover these costs.”

– Kevin & Louise Smith

Our Retirement Income Specialist is constantly encouraging us to increase our activity, particularly during the Go-Go years of our retirement. The Emeritus system of monitoring our retirement progress is providing us with the confidence to follow their advice. We don’t want to be looking back, later in our lives, realizing we missed the opportunity to do more, based upon unfounded fears about our finances.”

– Branden & Niki Lepage

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