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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to keep hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket, instead of giving it to the tax man.

Most Canadians – and more troubling, most financial advisors – lack the knowledge and tools to make the best, tax-efficient choices about where and when to source required cash flow during retirement. This is unfortunate because significant amounts of incremental cash flow – often hundreds of thousands of dollars – can be uncovered by following a well-crafted, strategically designed retirement income plan. This ‘found money’, unlocked through tax-smart funding, gives you the freedom to do more in retirement, worry less and potentially retire years sooner.

We’ll answer
questions like:

  • To minimize taxes, what account should I draw from, what amount and when?

  • How soon should I convert my RRSP savings to RRIF income?

  • When should I start to collect my Canada Pension Plan/Old Age Security?

  • What role could/should my real estate play in my retirement funding plan?

  • How do I ensure I’ve optimized my retirement income splitting opportunities?

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Avoid expensive retirement tax traps and increase your cash flow.

Most retirees try to reduce their tax burden on a sequential, year-by-year basis. The problem? This type of simplistic approach usually leads to extremely expensive tax traps later in life. We develop customized, tax-smart retirement funding plans for our clients that frequently lead to incremental cash flows of $400K+ over the balance of their retirement.

What our clients say:

Our working years as corporate executives were plentiful – we made good money, saved lots of it, and enjoyed a rather lavish lifestyle. But, between the concerns we had about funding our lifestyle and our 10-year age disparity, planning for retirement was overwhelming. Retirement Navigator helped us build and compare various financial and lifestyle scenarios. Showing us the different year-by-year retirement funding choices helped us see the possibilities. It gave us the peace of mind we were looking for.

– Ken & Desiree Rodger

I found planning for my retirement was difficult. I needed a plan that outlined the outcomes I hoped to accomplish and a funding plan that revealed where the cash flow to fund these activities should be sourced. After working with Retirement Navigator, I absolutely believe that detailed goals and impeccable execution leads to success. Knowing with confidence that you’re going down a road that will take you to the destinations you’ve been dreaming about.

– Doug Bolger

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